What's one of the easiest and quickest wedding planning tasks you can do right away? . . . get yourself a specific email address dedicated to your wedding planning.

This is such a simple and quick task that will have you feeling SO good about making progress in wedding planning once it's done! Because you'll be reaching out to potential vendors early in wedding planning, creating your special wedding email right away is a ideal!

Here's some reasons why I think having a designated wedding email address is well worth it:

  • It keeps you organized
  • It keeps your other email accounts free 
  • Both you and your partner have access to it
  • It's easy to communicate with guests (especially if you plan on emailing your save the dates or are asking for RSVPs to be emailed)
  • You can save your emails and vendor information forever (so if guests ask for recommendation you've got it!)
  • If you create your email with Gmail (which I highly recommend), you'll also have access to Google Docs, which is great for saving contracts, timelines, folders for inspiration and whatever else you may need while wedding planning
  • You can keep your designated email after your wedding day, for your shared life together - it's a great place for emails about mortgage, subscription, vacation, etc.

Bonus tips:

  • If you're using a wedding hashtag, incorporate it into your email address!
  • Create a signature that includes you and your partner's names, your wedding date, the city your wedding is taking place and a link to your wedding website!