It feels like the worst thing ever for us millennials, right? Although we're also told that growing older is better than the alternative! I decided to go on a short trip for my birthday, rather than have a party, and going to the Pacific Northwest felt like both a bucket item trip for me, and a way to connect to a younger version of me.

On the trip, I was amazed by the beauty of Oregon and Washington. So much so that I mentioned to Jason several times that I wouldn't mind moving to the PNW!

You can learn more about our itinerary and check out our phone pictures by scrolling along!

All photos were taken from my Google Pixel 6, and were not edited.


Jason and I flew into Portland, Oregon, and even on the descent it felt super Twilighty! Fog and clouds cleared and made way for pine and spruce trees reaching toward the sky. During the descent, the pilot pointed out to us Mount Hood, Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams out the window!

We rented my first vehicle as an adult, and got upgraded to a Jeep! Which A) also felt Twilight, considering Emmett's Jeep and B) has made me interested in getting a Jeep myself, though I never entertained the thought before!

portland orgeon

Our first stop was to the Columbia River Gorge... In Twilight the camera pans over the Columbia River Gorge for a few scenes! It was beautiful with the fall leaves and we made a quick stop at the Cape Horn Overlook.

Columbia River Gorge
Cape Horn Overlook
columbia river gorge hike

We then did a small hike from the Cape Horn Trailhead to an overlook. It was beautiful and I literally shouted from the overlook that "I'M THIRTYYYY!" We saw all sorts of gigantic leaves, and impressive looking mushrooms!

I was really interested in seeing an amphitheater area on the trail where the "spider monkey" scene was filmed, but the sun was setting and we knew it would be totally unsafe to push on further. So, we did some quick investigating and found a way to drive near the amphitheater overlook before the sun set!

columbia river gorge overlook
columbia river gorge overlook
columbia river gorge overlook
columbia river gorge overlook twilight
columbia river gorge overlook
columbia river gorge overlook

We spent the night at Cooper Spur Mountain Resort on Mt Hood. Which was so cozy and quaint! The food at their restaurant was delicious- I had a french dip (which I will almost always get if it's on a menu!) and Jason got a Bison Burger- and the meal was made complete with regional beer & wine! Day one was my actual birthdate, so Jason was sweet enough to bring my birthday gifts on the trip for me to open, and the waiter did the classic birthday candle in my dessert!

Unfortunately, because of arriving after dark and leaving early in the morning, we didn't actually get to see the Mt Hood during the stay. But we did catch glimpses of Mt Hood as we drove away the next morning.

cooper spur mountain resort on mount hood
cooper spur mountain resort portland oregon
cooper spur mountain resort on mount hood

DAY two.

Our first stop on day two was Multnomah Falls! Apparently a must-see location in Portland and for my Twilight people, Multnomah Falls is in the background of the baseball scene! There are a collection of different waterfalls you can see along the Historic Columbia River Highway; we also made a short stop at the Horsetail Falls. There's hiking available along the falls, but we passed on these, because it was a major sightseeing day!

multnomah falls portland oregon
multnomah falls portland oregon
horsetail falls portland oregon

Breakfast. The best meal of the day! We drove to Carver Cafe in Damascus, Oregon for breakfast and Twilight visits. Carver Cafe is the location where the Bella and Charlie scenes were filmed for the movie. I loved the Cafe! Jason and I both thought it was one of our favorite meals on the trip. The food was delicious; it felt so homey too, with the cook being a grandmother and her granddaughter as our waitress.

We also were able to sign their Twilight guestbook- which was FULL. And they have new guestbook every year! It's apparently a must-hit spot it seems for people on their Twilight tour!

carver cafe twilight scenes
carver cafe corner booth twilight
carver cafe damascus oregon

Next on our tour of Twilight filming locations, we stopped at the Stone Cliff Inn where "the lion and the lamb", "I thought you didn't like me", "I'm a killer, Bella" and general vampire unveiling scenes were filmed! It was maybe a five minute drive from Carver Cafe, so obviously we made the stop here!

From Stone Cliff Inn, we made our way throughout northwest Oregon, seeing various other filming locations for Twilight...

As close as we could get to the Cullen house for filming... Can you see the itty bitty piece of the roof?

The Swan house for filming... where we could get a much closer view of the home!

The Thunderbird & Whale bookstore that Bella ventures to when learning more about Vampire legends.

The alleyway Bella walks down after shopping at Thunderbird & Whale books!

The parking lot where Edward saves Bella in Port Angeles!

The high school for filming! Check out those iconic steps!

After galavanting around the different filming locations and appropriately fangirling (according to Jason) we drove further west to the Oregon coast. We stopped at Indian Beach, which is one of the filming locations for La Push First Beach in the movies. This was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, and we planned to arrive for sunset. Seeing the Pacific and the sun descend over it was so beautiful, but so too was the winding drive through Ecola Park and its tall pines. The beach here is so unlike the beaches we see on the east coast. Indian beach was lined by tall mountains with pine trees to the north and large stone arches to the south.

We spent night two at Ecola Creek Lodge, after having a delicious meal at Ecola Seafood Restaurant. It was on Jason's list to eat some of the must-have cuisines in the PNW- so he was quite pleased with the delicious Dungeness Crab here! As not a seafood fan, I still thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips!

ecola seafood restaurant cannon beach oregon dungeness crab
ecola seafood restaurant cannon beach oregon dungeness crab

DAY three.

This was our day to say goodbye to Oregon and venture into Washington State! We made the drive up from Cannon Beach, OR to the Hoh Rainforest south of Forks, WA. On our way up, in the Olympic National Forest, we noticed a sign for the World's Largest Sitka Spruce. Which, obviously, when we see a sign for the world's largest anything we feel compelled to lay eyes on it!

Once we made it to the Hoh Rainforest, we did the Hall of Mosses 1 mile loop. Which, honestly, with all the beauty on this trail took us well over an hour! While this wasn't a Twilight filming spot, it felt "very Twilight", which we expressed many times on the short hike.

world's largest sitka spruce olympic national forest
olympic national forest
world's largest sitka spruce olympic national forest
hoh rainforest hall of mosses forks washington
hall of mosses hoh rainforest washington state
hoh rainforest forks washington
hall of mosses hoh rainforest washington state

And at last, we made it to Forks, Washington! Although there wasn't much at all to see for Twilight filming locations here, the town really leans into Twilight and it's fantastic. Day one in Forks we saw:

treaty line forks washington twilight
the city of forks welcomes you sign
welcome twilight fans sign forks washington
jacob black's house forks washington
la push first beach washington
three rivers resort forks washington
la push washington
la push first beach
la push first beach

Our Washington Day ended with dinner at Bella Italia in Port Angeles - where Bella & Edward have their first date! Jason was super happy once again to try another PNW staple - salmon and mushroom risotto. I got my classic chicken parmesan (I'm basic and I'm fine with it!). We spent our third and final night falling asleep to the sound of rain at the Forks Motel ~ very Twilight!

bella italia port angeles
bella italia port angeles
forks motel washington state

DAY four.

Our final day! We spent most of our time seeing the sites of Forks!

forks washington bella's house
forks washington the cullen house
forks washington the cullen house
city of forks police department
forks washington community hospital dr. cullen's parking spot
forks washington community hospital
forks washington outfitters
forks washington high school
forks washington chamber of commerce
forks washington chamber of commerce bella's trucks
forks washington chamber of commerce

We had lunch at Pacific Pizza in Forks before heading east to Seattle for our redeye flight home. We had some time to kill, so we made it a goal to stop at a winery on the drive to Seattle. We ended up at Olympic Cellars and enjoyed a wine tasting outdoors, watching the sun descend over the Olympic Mountain ranges. We got one last selfie with our Jeep - which we loved so much on this trip!

olympic cellars port angeles washington
olympic cellars port angeles washington

After our delicious wine stop we continued the last leg of our journey to Seattle. We opted to take a ferry boat across the sound and yes we did do the whole Titanic thing at the front of the ferry! We were super disappointed when we made it into Seattle for our tickets to go up the Space Needle, only to find that the Needle had shut down for the entire day due to protests earlier in the morning. We managed to get a selfie with the Needle and opted to get more drinks at Pike Place, and getting to go inside the first ever Starbucks store!

seattle space needle
first starbucks store in seattle washington

Then we boarded our flight and made our way home! My birthday Twilight Tour was a dream and I feel so grateful and pleased to have been able to go! It's something that as a teen I thought was impossible - who really gets to ever make it to the scenes of their favorite fantasy stories? It definitely made the blow of turning 30 more bearable :)