Last Tip Tuesday, I talked about the best time in the wedding planning cycle or in the year to get engagement photos taken. Today, I talk about the best time of the day to get your session in! You've heard of "golden hour", right? The good news is golden hour doesn't refer to just one hour in the evening. It includes the hours around sunrise AND sunset and is all about the soft, creamy, warm natural light you get when the sun is lower in the sky. This time of the day makes shadows softer, gives more contrast in a photo and is more flattering- makes for a much more impressive photo, than middle of the day!  

Sunrise is always a good option, because less people are awake, so there's less struggle working around other people on a shoot... it's just so early! Sunset is great because the time of day isn't as brutal, but there's a lot more people to work around!

As always, this doesn't mean you can't get pictures taken in the middle of the day! I just try to schedule my sessions around the times with the most flattering natural light!