Covid-19 has almost made microweddings (weddings with under 50 guests) a necessity!! This week, I share some pros and cons of having a microwedding. Some positives include:

  • Shorter & more succinct than traditional weddings
  • You spend less money
  • You can reallocate your budget and focus on quality over quantity. (Like instead of buying cheaper champagne for 200 people, you can buy some really good stuff for 50 people)
  • You have more venue options, because your not limited by head count
  • Less stress/not as overwhelming (comparatively)
  • Less guests = more quality time with your loved ones
  • It's more eco-friendly (less people using resources to travel)
  • If you were already planning an international destination wedding, but can no longer travel because of Covid-19, it's a good alternative... you were probably already having a smaller guest list

Some negatives of a microwedding are:

  • It may not be your dream wedding
  • Because of the smaller guest list, you may not get to have everyone there you were hoping to have
  • You might have to deal with some hurt feelings from people not invited
  • Smaller or no wedding party
  • If you're thinking of having a bigger, traditional wedding after Covid-19, you have to plan two weddings