This Tip Tuesday is all about style! I share the three major shooting styles:

  1. Photojournalistic: like a news reporter, this style tells a story and has little involvement from the photographer. You get more "natural" and candid photos in this style.
  2. Fine Art: the photographer is much more involved in creating a beautiful image. This style reflects more of a high-end fashion magazine with lots of detail to light, subject, background, etc.
  3. Traditional: a blend of the photojournalistic and fine art styles! The photographer takes a step back but will intervene at times to help make an image awesome. These pictures tend to age well.

I also talk about two major editing styles:

  1. Dark & Moody: high contrast, rich colors, dark shadows
  2. Light & Airy: muted colors, bright, whimsical

So, to figure out what style is "yours", I suggest making a mood board on Pinterest of pictures you really like. Check out those pictures and see what trends stick out and what sort of words you would use to describe the style. After that, check out photographers in your area and ask them to describe their photography style. If their words match up with what you envision for your photos, it sounds like a match!

Also, I share that my shooting style leans more traditional and my editing style is light & airy.