Wondering what a mini-session is? Or you're super pumped for the Cherry Blossom mini-session you just booked with me, but unsure how to make the most of it? No worries! Here are 5 tips to get the best and make the most of your mini-session:

  1. Don't wear matching outfits, instead coordinate! I also recommend wearing clothes you know you look and feel amazing in. (If you're wondering more about what clothes to wear, check out my previous Tip Tuesday "What Should I Wear for my Photos?").
  2. Know your exact meeting place.
  3. Show up ON TIME. Or ideally, 10 minutes early. Mini-sessions are, you guessed it, mini. So you don't want to lose any time by being late.
  4. Have FUN. Relax, breathe and trust your photographer to capture amazing, authentic pictures!
  5. Plan something fun afterwards. Hey, you're dressed up, in DC, why not have a fun brunch or check out a museum and make the most of your day!